Recab Week Two

Just a little update from the new diet.

So the seconds week was over all much like the first one.
I feel really fine and not hungry.
I do not miss the late night snack anymore but I read that those people who get really really hungry, they can have something that is protein, for example ham or an egg.
I still feel hungry at night. The problem is, I am up until 1am so when I have dinner at 7pm, it’s a quite long time to stay without food.
Surprisingly I don’t wake up hungry. I just get hungry on the way to work, because I am cycling.

Also I found something about coffee out.
Coffee in the morning: sugar allowed, milk not allowed
Coffee for lunch: sugar and milk allowed
Coffee for dinner: sugar not allowed, milk allowedThe good thing is though, you can use artificial sweetener.
Also you can have coffee with soy milk in the morning, is you really want some milk in your coffee.

I solve the coffein problem differently.
Green tea has coffein and tastes fine without milk.
Diet coke and coke zero have no carbs either.
As odd and ugly it sounds, I will have a coke zero in the morning if I am really tired.

I have a quite a sweet tooth and like sweets in the evening. So I will usually have a sweetened tea when the urge comes (artificial sweetener).
I will soon put up a few no carb sweet recipes that work for me. Just need to get the ingredients first. You will be allowed to have those for dinner (desert).

Still can’t give you a proper weight update because I have to wait for my next pay to buy a new scale.


First week over

So the first week of my new insulin focused diet is over and as promised I am letting you how it went so far. As you know I started on Tuesday so I will just continue with Wednesday.

1 American pancake, 3 slices bread + jam, bowl fruit (pineapple, melon), 1 glass orange juice
2 pieces pizza, 2 toast with prawn, 2 pieces roast beef, large salad, 1 profiterol, a few spoons of peanutbutter cheescake, 1 piece cake
Large tuna salad, 7up free
1 l water, 1 cup of tea
How I felt:
I cycled to work and I felt overwhelmed already after 2 minutes of cycling. It’s weird how just another type of movement can exhaust you like this. I am used to walking to work (50 minutes one way) but the cycling really got to me. When I left home I felt very hungry but when I reached work the hunger was gone. So, although I had planned to eat exactly the amount of food that is recommended for this diet (4 bread rolls with something sweet like jam) I ate less.
I think it is important to know that the pieces and slices at my work are always very small. So even high numbers that you see in my lists are not really a lot of food. A slice of bread is about half the size of a slice of usual toast. So you kinda get the dimensions. So taking a few pieces doesn’t make it a huge amount.
For lunch I was already very very hungry. Not as bad as Tuesday, when I almost couldn’t wait, but pretty bad. On the other hand, my stomach signaled to me, that I am not hungry anymore. That didn’t happen on Tuesday.
I got hungry in the afternoon, because I am used to having some kind of a snack. So instead of a snack, I had a warm cup of tea.
After cycling home I was so hungry that I didn’t think that a tuna salad would be enough for me, but actually it filled me up pretty good.

3 slices bread + jam, 1 kiwi, watermelon, 2 bites cereal bar, 3 forgot the name things, 1 glass orange juice
Lunch (Themeday):
Califlower with bread crumbs, 2.5 saussages, Sauerkraut, 1 spoon mashed potatoes, small slice apple strudle, 2 slices poppy seed cake, 2 glasses coke
2 pieces fish, small tuna salad, 2 slices ham, 7up free
4 cups tea, 1/2 l water
How I felt:
The cycling in the morning got easier. My legs were hurting really bad but I was less out of breath. I was a little late and there were no pancakes. So I though I’d have a cerealbar but I didn’t like that bar so I tried those 3… little things. Forgot the name but they were really nice.
Now at work we have themeday every Thursday. They will cook food from a specific country and this week it was Germany. I love German food, I grew up in Germany so it tasted a lot like my childhood really. I felt like I could keep eating the califlower forever. My coworkers were giving me funny looks because I ate so much califlower 😀 The different cakes for dessert look like a lot but remember how tiny the pieces at my work are cut, so it’s overall about the amount of one piece of cake.
I hated my dinner. I came home super super hungry but there was fish and I am really not a fan of fish. I will eat tuna… sometimes.. but there was only fish at work that day, so I had to take the fish. I ate only half of it, I munched a bit on the tuna, nibbled the salad and was very frustrated about my food. Indeed I went to bed hungry and the next morning I woke up hungry.

3 slices bread + jam, water melon, orange juice
8 slices ham, scrambled eggs (3),  4 pieces bread, 1/2 banana, 1 glass coke
5 saussages, coleslaw
2 glasses coke zero, 1 cup of tea
How I felt:
So Friday was really a bad day for me. I got my period over night and when I have the period I always have huge chocolate cravings. I always had that, since my teenager years. Just last year I developed a chocolate allergy so I was really grumpy. I was in pain, grumpy, tired, and very hungry. I reached work and the pain that had been gone while cycling was back. I ate bread with chocolate spread because fuck my allergy, I have my period. Of course I am already paying for it… got an allergic reaction of course.
I left from work after an hour because the pain was so bad. So at home I had to deal with what little food we had. That’s whe the food choice is a bit odd. The bread was home made and just… flower with water really. I didn’t even have yeast so yea. It’s not bad, maybe I make a quick recipe one day.

Over all:
While in the first one or two days I didn’t really feel like I am eating more or less than before I started, by now I see why this diet works. And I feel it too.
What I feel is, that the amount of carbs in the morning help me to get on fine until lunch without coffee. I feel more awake after this type of breakfast.
On Tuesday, when I started, my stomach was rumbling the whole time. It was hunger and I had a lot of air … I don’t know how that came but by Wednesday, both of these problems were gone.
I decided to allow myself 7up free and coke zero because both is without sugar or calories. I know that it’s not healthy but I like it and my goal is weight-loss, not becoming a health guru.
I am less and less hungry. Although the evenings are kinda rough for me because I really like to have a snack around 11pm which I am not allowed anymore.
Also I read somewhere (don’t ask me where) that insulin levels go down within 4 to 5 hours. So I am eating after about 4.5 hours. That’s a practical desicion. I am done eating around 9am and lunch is server until 2pm. If I am the last one to come for lunch, there won’t be much left.I think I did already lose some weight. Not a lot but a little. I feel it on my trousers. Will get a new scale in February to give you proper updates.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated about the progress.

First day of the new diet

So just to give you an idea of what I ate and how I felt on my first day of this new regime:


  • 3 American pancakes with maple syrup
  • 1 small bowl of fruit (water melon + pineapple)
  • 1 glass of orange juice


  • 3 pieces of pizza
  • 2 slices of turkey with gravy
  • 2.5 small potatoes
  • 1 small serving of broccoli
  • 1 small piece of cake
  • 1 piece of white chocolate
  • 1 can of coke


  • Tuna salad (green salad, carrots, tomato, tuna, 2 tbsp oil, condiments)

To drink:(Apart from what I drank with meals)

  • 500 ml water
  • 2 cups of tea

How I felt:

I cycled to work and not being used to cycling anymore, I felt really sick to the stomach.Due to this I did not really feel like eating. So, although in this diet you are supposed to eat a lot for breakfast, I couldn’t do more.
The five hours until lunch became kinda difficult. Work kept my mind busy but I got very hungry an hour before I was supposed to eat. To easy my stomach, I drank some warm peppermint tea, which helped a little.
For lunch I was so hungry that I didn’t even feel how the food filled my belly. I could have just kept eating, but I stopped because I thought that it is not in the sense of this diet to eat until I burst.
Half an hour after lunch I felt just right, not hungry or anything, and to be honest the next five hours were easier to do.
I had to cycle into the city before I could go home, so this was extra excersize but to be honest I feel really well right now.
The tuna salad was a big bowl and I didn’t even finish.
I am not hungry right now, I just feel like snacking because I am used to a snack around this time (11:30pm).

For tomorrow I am planning to have a bit more breakfast so it gets me through the day until lunch. I read that you are supposed to eat 3 or 4 breadrolls for breakfast so I will target that kind of amount in food I like.

Will tell you more on Friday

A new year, a new start

First of all, I wanted to say sorry for not posting.I moved back to Ireland and it took me a while to get everything sorted.
During this time, I must confess, I gained back some weight and because I had to leave my scale in Romania, I have no idea how much.
I will be buying a new scale next month but for now I can only go by feeling. I know that some of my trousers had become wide, and they fit perfectly again so I gained some. On the other hand I seem to not be back to my starting weight because at my starting weight those trousers were tight.

So what have I done wrong in the meantime and how can you guys avoid my mistakes:

  • “I am too tired to cook!”
    This is not an option. During my last one or two weeks back in Romania, I used that a lot. I worked a lot to earn more money for the move. I packed and cleaned like crazy. Then I went to get us bread and cheese or stuff like that. So learn from my mistake. Don’t be too tired to cook. And if you are, just have something at home that you can eat raw or that is pre-cooked.
    Ideas for things you can keep available at home:

    • Saussages
    • Ham
    • Eggs
    • Tuna
    • Carrots
    • Tomatoes
    • Salad in general
  • “I have no kitchen, how shall I cook?”
    This one has proven to be tricky. Our first place in Ireland had no kitchen. Your best friend will be the microwave. Get a cheap one. Ours was 50€ and worth every penny. I tried a lot of things for healthy meals but after a while I got tired of things made in the microwave. The problem here is that you can’t cook fresh meat in the microwave. It will be like chewingum and often taste weird. So I had to go for precooked meat and salad a lot. But again I got lazy at some point. I wanted to eat healthy but it was just more convenient to buy ready done TV dinners. TV dinners are going to fill your belly and often they taste ok as well, but they have a lot of sauces and sugars in them, a lot of high carb stuff.
  • “Oh I will start again tomorrow!”
    This is what got me to earn back so much weight. Don’t say or even think that. Stay on course. You want to feel well in your body, then don’t be as lazy as I was during the past three months. Tomorrow? Fuck it! Today is your day. You wake up in the morning and you just start over. No one cares what rests are in your fridge. Freeze it all and have it when you invite someone or when you have a rare cheat day.

So what strategy am I going to use to lose weight again and finally feel good in my body?

I get to save a lot of money because at my current place of employment, I get three free meals a day. They have healthy options but a lot of times I cannot go for only low carb/high protein. They offer a lot of healthy stuff but most of the time it is coupled with high carb.Because of this, because I want to keep saving money, I am going to change my own diet so it fits with what I am offered at work.
(My husband, by the way, keeps the low carb, high protein diet. I am precooking for him and he likes what I cook him. He has great success and lost more weight. Again, we can’t check the numbers right now but I am sure that he lost another 5 kilo at least.)

My new diet:
A Dr. Pape from Germany published a diet that focusses on inuslin and how it works in the body. Insulin is being produced to manage the sugar levels and it blocks the burning of fat. The body needs some sugar and especially the brain needs it during work hours (this is why I never said that you should eat no carbs at all, you do need carbs in your diet!). So what Dr. Pape does is, schedule when you can eat what type of food.

Here are the basic rules I will follow:

  1. Breakfast: High carb, fruit, no protein. Sweetened drinks or juice are allowed.
  2. Lunch: Carbs and proteins allowed. Sweetened drinks or juice are allowed.
  3. Dinner: No carbs. High protein, milk products, Salad. No sweetened drinks or juice are allowed.
  4. At least 5 hours between meals.
  5. No snacks between meals.
  6. Water, black coffee, unsweetened tea allowed between meals.
  7. Eat until not hungry anymore but no more than that.
  8. 30-60 Minutes of excersize every day.

From what I read so far, there are people who fail on this diet, because they don’t stick to the last rule. They will eat more than they should because they think they may. No, you may not. You have to stop eating when you are not hungry any longer.

Apart from the few fails because of the seventh rule, that I heard of, I hear about a lot of success. People who stick very strictly to these few rules, are seeing good success.

I have no problem with the excersize in this diet because I have to walk or cycle to work every day anyways. Walking is 50 minutes one way, cycling is about 30 minutes one way. So I will hit that target every day.

Personal Pro and Con:


  • Everything may be eaten.
  • No counting calories.
  • Clear and easy to follow rules.
  • No skipped meals.
  • Even sweets are allowed.


  • Counting hours.
  • Have to wait for certain meals when you eat something specific.
  • No seconds if you are not hungry.
  • Excersize of some form is a must.


I’ll keep you posted, how well or not well it works.

“You need to do sport!”

Here is something that annoys the hell out of me.
People telling me that I need to do some sports in order to lose my weight.

Example: I have a good friend who lost a lot of weight during the last year. If I am not mistaken, she lost around 50 Kilo. She started out way above 100 Kilo and now she is at 65. Well I am very happy for her, she looks healthy and happy. I asked her how she did it, simply to see what other methods are out there. So she tells me about eating smaller meals and doing a lot of sports. So far, everything is fine. We keep talking and I am like “Well I lost 14 Kilo so far, just it’s not going away on my belly. Everywhere else I get thinner just not on my belly.” And her answer is:
“Well, you can only get rid of that with sports!”

Ok, sorry to pop the bubble but no, a hanging belly will not vanish with sports. Even a normal, fat belly won’t vanish just because of sports. Many reasons for that, here they come:

  1. Genetics: Unless you let a doctor suck the fat from the places you want it gone, there is no way to intervene. You lose weight, and you genes dermine on what places that will be. Of course, if you lose long enough, the desired place will lose weight too, eventually. But you can not tell your genes that “Lose weight on my belly please!”.
  2. Energybalance: Losing weight is all about an energy balance. You take in less Kalories than you are going to use up. That is possible without being hungry, yes. But it always, and that is scientifically proven, it always comes down to a negative energy balance, when you lose weight. Sport can help, but you don’t need do do sports. I, personally, have not done any sports and I am still losing weight.
  3. Muscle: To “make muscle out of your fat” is just a saying. It is not literally what happens in your body. Losing fat and gaining muscle are independent processes. Also you will not lose more fat at a place where you gained muscle. Muscle makes you burn more, but it is still genetics that determins where the fat is being burnt off.

Another thing that is bothering:

I have good reasons why I am not doing any sports right now.
Actually I love sports but I live on the countryside in an eastern european country right now (Not very much longer though). The roads are bad, so I can’t do my favourite sport which is inline skating. The people drive like crazy so I can’t do my number two sport, which is biking. I tried to do fitness programms on the Wii and I looked into youtube videos, but I find it so odd to jump around in front of a screen that I dropped it very fast. Also in summer it is getting so hot here, that I have problems to just do minor house hold stuff. My metabolism will not let me do sports in this heat, I will collapse for sure.In general I like sports, I personally really do. I love to

If you want to burn a few more calories, it is actually enough to go for a walk. 30 Minutes a day, or walk the stairs instead of using the lift etc. Just those minor things will improve fitness and get a bigger minus on your energy balance, if that is what you target. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to do sports. Even though all the fitness and diet gurus like to make you believe that.

There is a lot of money to be earned through sports, therefore it is being promoted. I am not saying sports is bad for you or you shouldn’t do it. All I am saying is, you should do sports if you want to and it should be the kind you like. If you hate the fitness studio, don’t be a member. If you want to learn marshal arts instead of sitting on a home trainer, please do that. If you are a couch potato, that’s fine as well! You can lose weight even if you are a couch potato.



I might be a little crazy but I love zucchini!
I buy zucchini every week and usually use it in a sauce or shred it into something else that I cook.
It’s super tasty and very healthy and just fine in a low carb and low fat diet.

My sister in law must have heard of my love for zucchini because she brought me three garden grown zucchinis. Only problem now, what do I do with so many zucchinis?
What I wanted to show you though is the difference between my store bought zucchinis and the ones that my sister in law brought:

IMGA0295Wanna guess which is from the store 😀
The small light green one is from the store.
They do have the dark green kind in the store too, but they are also half the size of that huge thing that you see on the picture.
Now I like to snack on them, have them in a salad or really cook with them. I don’t care, I love them in any shape unless they are grilled. I hate grilled veggies so I will not touch grilled zucchini either.

Nutricious facts about Zucchini:
Per 100 grams
Calories: 17
Carbs: 3.1g
Fats: 0.3g
Cholesterol: 0g
Protein: 1.2g
Vitamins etc: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium,

Low carb pizza

I made one version of Low carb pizza today and I wanted to share it, so here it is.

You need:
3 eggs
veggies you like
lean cooked ham
tomato sauce
grated cheese (use light cheese)

How to:

  1. Beat the eggs together and season to your liking.
  2. Put the egg mixture in a hot, lightly greased pan or non stick pan.
  3. Fry it from both sides like an omelette.
  4. Put it on a plate.
  5. Put the tomatosauce on and then the cheese.
  6. Top with veggies and ham

You have the cheese at the bottom so it can melt there and make the rest of the toppings stick.
My pizza was topped with onions, zucchini, and cooked chicken ham.



Healthy Hamburgers

Here my recipe for very healthy hamburgers.
This is not a everyday recipe as it has a lot of fat in it due to the minced meat and the cheese.

You need:
500g ground (minced) meat
1 big or 2 small zucchinis
2 eggs
250 g grated cheese

How to:

  1. Mix the ground meat with the eggs and season with salt, pepper, and paprika (or to your liking)
  2. Shred the zucchinis and squeeze them dry in paper towels.
  3. Mix the shredded zucchini and the grated cheese into the meat mixture.
  4. Form Little patties.
  5. Grill these hamburgers or fry them in a pan.
    When grilling, make sure, the cheese won’t escape into the grill.
    If you are frying them, you don’t need any oil or butter as the meat is greasy enough to make it not stick.

This picture just shows them unfried so you know what to expect.


This picture is how they look when they are fried.


These taste very good with some whole grain buns and a salad. A little bit of mustard tastes pretty good on it, and a little bit of ketchup is fine too, just don’t overdo it with the ketchup as it has a lot of sugar in it.

Back on track!

As the title says I am back on track.
I lost the kilos that I gained when I was mindlessly eating so much cake.

Very cools is this:
Every Friday we go and have fast food. The good thing is, there is one (only one) healthy fast food place in town. I always get the salad there, shared fries with my husband, and a large coke zero. So apart from the fries, there isn’t a bad thing at the whole fast food for us 😀 We just like the feeling to just eat out once a week.
So we did that, then I made Icecream sandwhiches. I made them without sugar but still the fatty cream at the caky layers are not exactly dietfood. And with the BBQ on Sunday we had bread. I thought that from eating all the bad stuff (fries, ice cream, bread) I should have gained a lot of weight. But I actually haven’t gained any.
When I stepped on the scale this morning I was at 85,5 Kilos.
I am very happy to be back on track and intend to keep it that way.

85,5 Kilos reached
10,5 Kilos to go
13,5 Kilos lost
More than half way there! Wohooo! 🙂

My fridge

As promised I am posting another picture of my fridge.

Only problem is, there is not much in there because I store all meat in the freezer. We are living so far outside the city that we always have to buy for the whole week. And as I want my meat fresh I store freeze it.
The same goes for vegetables. I buy the frozen vegetables by now, because before I did that, half of my vegetables would rot before the week is over. So I always have some good frozen veggies.
On the frozen stuff, I basically just make sure it has what I like and I check the carbs on the back. If I am finde with the carbs in it, I buy it.

IMGA0289 IMGA0290
Most of this is pretty selfexplanatory. The mozzarella has a bit more fat, but that is basically one ball for a whole week, so it’s not like I am pigging out on it. the tuna is my husband’s snack. I usually don’t snack and if I do, then it is some fruit or so (if I have fruit at home).
In addition I always buy low fat milk. Well not the lowest I can get but 1.5% milk, which has worked out great for me.
All the lemons, I got like 7 lemons in my fridge, are for lemonade. I make the lemonade with mineral water, lemon, and a bit of artificial sweetener.